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Western Pennsylvania History Magazine Summer 2021

Western Pennsylvania History Magazine Summer 2021

$ 7.95

The Summer 2021 issue of Western Pennsylvania History includes feature articles on:

  • Pittsburgh’s role in the development of George Catlin’s Indian Gallery, 1833–1836
  • Railroad surgeons of Western Pennsylvania
  • How Pittsburgh’s radium rescued Marie Curie’s research
  • The Flick family’s divergent relationship with Pittsburghese

As well as columns about:

  • An inquisition in the “Town of Fort Pitt”
  • Sports team “fanimals” and the long relationship between the natural world and athletics
  • The architecture of local YMCA buildings
  • Citizens Library & District Center
  • Curator and collector Michael Kraus
  • A Flaherty family connection in the History Center’s collection
  • Ida B. Wells and her campaign against racial violence
  • The art deco Latonia Theater in Oil City

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