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Miniature Proctor Rattlesnake Flag

Miniature Proctor Rattlesnake Flag

$ 3.75

In the months leading up to America declaring independence from Great Britain, this flag was produced for use by Colonel John Proctor’s Independent Battalion of Westmoreland County, Pa. 

The body is a British flag known as a Red Ensign, with the painted addition of Proctor’s initials, those of his battalion, and a coiled rattlesnake ready to strike with the motto “Don’t Tread On Me" beneath it. The symbol is a clear warning to the home country to respect the rights of its American subjects or be prepared for the consequences.

See the original flag on display in the Fort Pitt Museum.

Product details

Pole stands at 10.5 inches tall

Flag dimensions 5.5 inches by 4 inches


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