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D.I.Y. History - Pittsburgh Favorites Activity Kit

D.I.Y. History - Pittsburgh Favorites Activity Kit

$ 35.00

D.I.Y. History - Pittsburgh Favorites Activity Kit

Explore some of Pittsburgh’s favorite things in this activity kit designed for elementary age kids!  We’ve included all the fun supplies, like shrink film, special markers, a canvas, and tempera paint sticks, so you can start creating! 

In addition, the Pittsburgh Favorites Activity Kit comes with an Inspiration Journal and coloring pages related to each activity.  You can also join a History Center educator to talk about the activities one day a week during July and August. 

Please note that a few common household supplies will be needed to complete certain activities.  

Pittsburgh Favorites Activity kits includes supplies to: 

- Create Your Own Pickle Pin
Design your own updated version of the H.J. Heinz Company's classic pickle pin on shrink film and watch it get smaller!

- Paint a Pop art masterpiece
Get inspired by the work of Pittsburgh-born artist Burton Morris and create a bright and bold portrait or painting of an everyday object on an 8 x 10 canvas!

- Engineer a new bridge
In a city with three rivers, many hills, and interstates, bridges are essential to Pittsburgh! Create your own bridge design for one of three challenges using Dowel rods, craft sticks, and markers.

- Design a Stained Glass window
Get inspired by the Rudy Brothers Company, Pittsburgh’s best stained glass window artists in the early 1900s, and make your own design on transparent paper!

-Make a custom Terrible Towel
Pittsburghers loves our football teams! Get inspired by Myron Cope’s original Terrible Towel and create an original design on a blank white towel.

D.I.Y. History: Pittsburgh’s Favorites Activity Kit is priced at $35.00 and $30.00 for members.

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